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GORGO (1961)

Directed By:
Eugène Lourié

Bill Travers, William Sylvester and Vincent Winter

Not Rated
Genre: Sci-Fi
Format Used: Netflix DVD
Contains: Mild Language, Graphic Violence
Country: England


Zedd again, I know three times in a row. Anyway, this time I'm bringing you a little piece of fish and chips from England called Gorgo. Now I know what some of you are thinking. Gorgo? Yes, Gorgo. Anyway, the story of a massive dinosaur being discovered on a little fishing island and captured and put on display for the masses.

But what they didn't know is what they captured was just a baby and one big Mother is coming to pay London a visit. A deadly visit for she will destroy everything in her path to find her little boy.

Now I know this movie has it's flaws, in story and characters. But it has all the same cheesy elements that the Godzilla films have and that's what we fell in love with them. So even with it's flaws I say we should give a big hand to the massive dino. That's GORGO, watch it and love it.